Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Work in Progress

Ok so I have to admit, when I saw that I have an official follower, I squealed out loud. It might not have been the most dignified sound, but who cares? I was, and still am, super excited! So, thank you Nellie for being my first follower! Now I feel like an official blogger. Is it bad that I completely lost inspiration on future posts as soon as I saw that? Basically I was like:

"Woah. I feel like I have this responsibility now to blog. I don't think I like it."

Ok, so maybe not the exact thought, but pretty close. Am I the only one who feels like this once they have actual acknowledgement that people are reading their blogs? And wow, there are a LOT of questions in this post. Sorry about that.

In case you couldn't tell, my mind is really scattered right now. Not too sure why, but whatevs. This does, however, explain the title of this particular post. Nothing's too set in stone in my mind right now, so everything is a "work in progress". Seriously though, I'm drawing a huge blank right now.


My little brother will be coming to visit soon, hooray! Random? Yes, yes it is. But yeah, in case you all couldn't tell, I love my family. I have 5 siblings whom I love very much. When we were younger we had a close relationship, but I feel like as we've all gotten older and left the house, we've slowly grown apart. It kills me. So, I am going to try to talk to them all at least once a week, hopefully a lot more though. The problem is that none of us are big phone conversationalists. But we'll see what happens. Anyways, he will be staying with us for a little while since summer break is finally here! Woot! I'm so excited and can't wait! Especially since he teased me and claimed there's something very important he HAS to tell me, but he won't do it until he gets here. :-P Brat.

I think it will be fun though. My ultimate goal is to organize something where all of my siblings and I can just hang out like we did as kids. But, with our varied schedules and responsibilities and the split of my parents it seems like this is going to be kind of challenging. But who doesn't love a challenge, right?!

And I will end this post on another random not. I'm going to hoping to thinking about doing Couch25K. I think it would be awesome and get me on track to becoming the healthier, fitter (and thinner) person I want to be. Wish me luck!

Besos y Abrazos

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