Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Think I Understand

Well, I've never had anything made more obvious to me than I did today. Basically, I believe He was giving me a lesson in patience. I'm sure I'll laugh about it (and feel like posting about it) tomorrow, but that's not how I'm feeling today. Let's just say it involved a certain someone in a situation where they became similar to a drowned cat:

Taken from Google;

Said person was not feeling the love.

Friday, June 8, 2012


So, today was my day off and I decided to use it to read some more blogs, yay! Anyways, I came across this blog and I've been lurking reading catching up on it. What can I say...I'm kind of OCD and like to start things from the beginning. So sue me! ;-) This blog, Lovelace Files (which I just realized I had been reading as "Lovelace FLIES". Dyslexic much?) is soooo awesome. I haven't quite caught up to the present, but I'm close...just started 2012. Anyways, the author, Kathy, is suuuuuper creative and talented when it comes to DIY. Like, seriously. Some of the things she, and her husband, have created are just incredible! As are some of the things she's mentioned/linked from other DIY blogs. All of this immense craftiness has my fingers itching to try something, anything!

To be honest, I did get my big toe a little wet in craftiness this past Christmas when I tried knitting a scarf. But, with the huge move and everything, it just got pushed to the side. :-/ Now I kind of want to start knitting again, but it's Florida. I really don't think a knit scarf would be very practical right now. But I will find something that will get my creative juices flowing. I used to write, but I want to try something that is a little more physical and requires more manual labor. Basically, something that I can show off better. ;0) Any suggestions?

Another thing Kathy's blog had me wondering was: "What do I want this blog to be like? To focus on? Is it going to have a theme? Or just express my complete randomness?" Well, since I asked myself that so nicely, my brain decided to be cooperative and helped me realize that I want it to really be a reflection of me. As things stand right now, I'm kind of all over the place. I'm still in school, albeit graduating soon. I'm in the beginning (after being delayed for 6 months) stage of planning a wedding. I'm probably going to be uprooting my life as it is now to be with my future husband when he gets into the Air Force, wherever they decide to send him. I'm trying to make myself into a healthier person. And I want to better my relationship with God and my family. There are so many important aspects to who I am right now, aspects that, as minor as some may seem, will shape the adult I am in the future. They'll shape who I am as a wife, sister, daughter, mother, and child of God. I want to document my change, the good and the bad, the exciting and the mundane, everything, so I can look back on my life and be proud of who I am/was. Warts and all.

And wow, cue a little bit of tears there.....

....though I have no idea why. Oh well. Ciao and until next time!

Random penguins courtesy of Windows 7

P.S. I really need to find my camera cord because I reeeeeeally want to add some pictures to my blog. :/

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Work in Progress

Ok so I have to admit, when I saw that I have an official follower, I squealed out loud. It might not have been the most dignified sound, but who cares? I was, and still am, super excited! So, thank you Nellie for being my first follower! Now I feel like an official blogger. Is it bad that I completely lost inspiration on future posts as soon as I saw that? Basically I was like:

"Woah. I feel like I have this responsibility now to blog. I don't think I like it."

Ok, so maybe not the exact thought, but pretty close. Am I the only one who feels like this once they have actual acknowledgement that people are reading their blogs? And wow, there are a LOT of questions in this post. Sorry about that.

In case you couldn't tell, my mind is really scattered right now. Not too sure why, but whatevs. This does, however, explain the title of this particular post. Nothing's too set in stone in my mind right now, so everything is a "work in progress". Seriously though, I'm drawing a huge blank right now.


My little brother will be coming to visit soon, hooray! Random? Yes, yes it is. But yeah, in case you all couldn't tell, I love my family. I have 5 siblings whom I love very much. When we were younger we had a close relationship, but I feel like as we've all gotten older and left the house, we've slowly grown apart. It kills me. So, I am going to try to talk to them all at least once a week, hopefully a lot more though. The problem is that none of us are big phone conversationalists. But we'll see what happens. Anyways, he will be staying with us for a little while since summer break is finally here! Woot! I'm so excited and can't wait! Especially since he teased me and claimed there's something very important he HAS to tell me, but he won't do it until he gets here. :-P Brat.

I think it will be fun though. My ultimate goal is to organize something where all of my siblings and I can just hang out like we did as kids. But, with our varied schedules and responsibilities and the split of my parents it seems like this is going to be kind of challenging. But who doesn't love a challenge, right?!

And I will end this post on another random not. I'm going to hoping to thinking about doing Couch25K. I think it would be awesome and get me on track to becoming the healthier, fitter (and thinner) person I want to be. Wish me luck!

Besos y Abrazos

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Love My Sobrinos!

So, I'm pretty sure I haven't said this in my last 5 posts, but I have 4 nieces and nephews. I love all of them with all of my heart and think they are all so precious. Well, last night I was talking to the youngest niece on the phone and she said "Hi! And I love you a lot and I'm giving you a big hug."

....seriously?! My heart just about melted, it was so sweet!

Over the years I've been blessed to receive the limitless and innocent love that children have to give and so I just wanted to dedicate this particular post to my nieces and nephews, especially since one of them celebrated his birthday today. I love you all so much!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So, I started today off in less than the happiest of moods. As the day has progressed my mood has gotten worse as a result of a lot of things, the most prevalent being a feeling of complete hopelessness and utter despair. Sometimes I just wonder if we're ever going to get out of this hole we're in. And just when I was ready to start a blog complaining about everything that seems to be going wrong, something stopped me. So, this post is going to be my "Thank You" post. I don't know how religious y'all are, but I believe there is a higher power out there. Yes, my belief has been shaken a lot in the past few months, but I do still believe and I want to take the time out and give thanks for everything else that is going right in my life.

Thank you for letting me be alive.
Thank you for letting me have my love in my life.
Thank you for letting me be surrounded by family, old and new.
Thank you for letting me find my job.
Thank you for blessing me with health.
Thank you for blessing me with a rational mind.
Thank you for blessing me with your presence.
For everything else I cannot begin to express

Thank you

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm back!

Hello blog world! It has been well over a year since I last updated this blog and I am so sorry! Needless to say, quite a lot has happened since then.

I'm engaged! Woohoo! I've been engaged for almost a year now but (sadly) wedding planning isn't coming along as well as we hoped. But I suppose that's what happens when you try making a permanent long-distance move, find a job in this economy, go to school full-time, and try to take steps towards making a positive future, all at the same time. Go figure. While the previous list was a combination of things my now fiance (whee!) and I have been trying to do, things aren't all in the dump. We're alive! And we're finally together after being long-distance for so long. These are two things I feel extremely blessed for.

In other news, my graduation was pushed back. I was supposed to graduate in the Spring, but with me being sick and everything else going on, I ended up withdrawing. So now I look forward to being a Fall graduate! At first I was kind of bummed, but I would prefer to graduate with my best possible foot forward instead of while running on fumes. After graduation, my future is kind of up in the air. I do have a job which is nice, though the hours could be better sometimes. But, it's still a paying job so I can't complain too much there. If I can find some time to get volunteer work in during the Fall, then I'll probably apply to the nursing certificate program at one of my local colleges. But...this also depends on the outcome of something else....

My fiance, who has only physically been with me for the better part of 6 months, is considering the military as a career! On the one hand, I'm extremely proud of him. I mean, serving in the military is no easy feat. It requires dedication, discipline, and determination, all of which he possess in abundance. On the other hand, I know that, due to training and Tech school and what not, we would probably be long-distance again. We would definitely be long-distance when it would come time for him to deploy. And, after we're married, I would probably be moving pretty far from my family. Now, I can admit to being one of those children who swears up and down they'll leave their hometown for greener pastures, but now that it could be a reality, I'm pretty sure I was just spouting nonsense, ya know? But, I won't worry about that bridge until we cross it. And I'll keep praying on it.

One last update before I leave for work (I know. I picked the perfect time to start a blog post): I'm determined to lose weight and get fit! I'm sure I've said this numerous times in the past, but this time I mean it. I was on the right track when I was on my school's rowing team for a semester but after I left, I began sliding down, or rather up, the scale again. I'm hoping that by posting on this blog I'll (and hopefully you all) keep myself accountable for everything regarding fitness and my health. It also helps that we're trying to get the fiance, who I'll call X for now, into shape before he heads off to BMT (Basic Military Training). So this won't be an entirely uphill battle!

Well...I guess I should start getting ready for work. Sorry for this long and rather boring look into my life (well, except for the engagement, woohoo!). If you've read this far, thank you! And if you'd like to drop a word and say hello I wouldn't be adverse to that!  ^_^


Saturday, February 19, 2011