Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Work in (Making) Progress. No, Really.

Welcome to my blog! I've decided, after spending most of my morning trying to catch up on other blogs, that I would like to try my own hand at blogging. Hopefully I can remember to update this thing. But yeah, I can't really say that this blog is going to have a specific focus. It will more than likely journal my life from the time I've started this blog until the time I finish it, whenever that may be. You're probably going to be treated to more randomness than you care to experience and the inner workings of your definitely not average 21 year old! I'm still playing with the format of everything, so please bear with me! Anyways, in case I don't blog anymore today, I hope you all have an awesome day! And, since probably no one is reading this, I dedicate this to all the crickets out there! ;-)

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